TyreSafe announces new ‘stable’ partner



The British Horse Society, the UK’s largest equine charity, has teamed up with TyreSafe to educate both amateur and professional horse owners about the importance of correct tyre maintenance and care for their vehicles.

The new partnership has been launched to coincide with Equifest 2011, which takes place from the 18th to 21st August at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. At the event, the Society will distribute TyreSafe’s leaflets offering visitors specific tyre safety advice and information in respect of horseboxes and trailers.

The information will also be used as part of a joint campaign between The British Horse Society, VOSA, NFU Mutual and PRP Rescue Services who will be conducting a vehicle weight investigation during the show. Using portable weight plates, visitors in horseboxes and trailers will be invited to have their vehicles weighed so that the industry can see if there is a problem with overloading and to further understand the scale of problem which has a direct impact upon tyre safety.

Additionally, The British Horse Society, which represents the interests of 4.3 million people who ride horses or drive horse-drawn vehicles, will also lend its support to a range of future tyre safety campaigns, aimed at making the UK’s roads safer. TyreSafe meanwhile will provide expertise, advice and recommendations to the Society for any of its own tyre related activities and campaigns.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said: “It’s great news to have The British Horse Society on board as it is such an influential body who will give tremendous weight to our message among such a large audience.

“We look forward to working together and promoting tyre safety to anyone owning or working with horses. For many horse owners, their animal is an extended part of the family, so making sure they are transported safely should be a number one priority – and this includes regular tyre checks.”

Particular issues affecting horsebox and trailer tyres include rubber degradation as a result of vehicles being left unused or standing in difficult conditions for many months, particularly winter. Equally, correct tyre selection, inflation and general condition are all important areas for horse owners.

Sheila Hardy, Senior Executive, Safety, The British Horse Society, said: “The British Horse Society are delighted to work in partnership with TyreSafe to ensure that all equestrian transport is as safe as it can be. Many people often overlook their tyres when they do their checks prior to setting off and we hope that advice from this professional body will remind them to remember how important it is to do this. A puncture when you have an animal on board is no joke and can be a stressful and costly matter. We look forward to a great working relationship with Tyresafe.”

To learn more about TyreSafe on this website, while The British Horse Society’s website can be found at www.bhs.org.uk


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