TyreSafe branches out with new member


Tyre retailer Merityre Specialists Ltd, which has 22 branches across southern England, has added again to its expanding portfolio, but this time it’s by becoming the latest member of TyreSafe.

By joining, Merityre will benefit from future involvement in a wide range of tyre safety campaigns, while itself offering valuable industry experience to the not-for-profit organisation.

And its decision to become a member comes in a momentous year for TyreSafe which has run a number of highly successful tyre safety campaigns covering motorcyclists, car fleets, part worn tyres, as well as its annual tyre safety month.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said: “It’s particularly pleasing to welcome Merityre because of its invaluable interaction with consumers via its website and many branches.

“These outlets will be a very effective way of spreading the TyreSafe message to as many motorists as possible. However, membership also benefits Merityre as it shows a clear commitment to its corporate social responsibility by helping to make the roads safer.”

Membership of TyreSafe is open to any business or organisation associated with the tyre industry or who has an interest in road safety.

The diversity of its members is shown by their various backgrounds, which includes tyre manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, government associations and public bodies.

Noel Pope, director Merityre said, “Educating motorists about safe driving should be a priority for all businesses connected to the automotive industry, especially those at the sharp end who have face-to-face contact with the public.

“It’s vital that drivers understand just how safety critical tyres are to a car’s handling and the performance of the tyre should be high on the agenda when it comes to their purchase.”

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