Tyresafe campaign to target bike tyre safety


For the first time, TyreSafe is mounting a tyre safety campaign throughout the month of March to highlight the dangers of defective or badly worn tyres on motorcycles and scooters. TyreSafe has already received support for its initiative from BikeSafe, the UK police force road safety campaign, which will culminate in a major bike safety show to be held at the police training centre in Hendon, North London, during the last week of March. TyreSafe is also hoping to gain support for the campaign from trade associations within the motorcycle industry.

The impact of congestion, CO2 emissions and hikes in fuel prices have boosted the sale of bikes and scooters which has, in turn, led to an increase in the number of accidents involving motorcycles and scooters. Clearly, tyres play a crucial role in maintaining bike and scooter safety, and the TyreSafe campaign will focus on tread depth and the importance of tyre pressures in relation to road safety and the prevention of accidents.

TyreSafe supporters, both tyre manufacturers and retailers, will be supporting the campaign. However, TyreSafe is inviting motorcycle dealers and bike tyre outlets to become involved in the initiative, and further details of the scheme may be found on the TyreSafe website at www.tyresafe.org.

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Note to Editors

TyreSafe is a not for profit, non commercial organisation set-up to promote tyre safety and raise the awareness of the dangers of driving on defective or badly worn tyres. Illegal and worn tyres are a contributory factor in many road collisions particularly in the wet. TyreSafe campaigns for good tyre husbandry – look after your tyres and your tyres will look after you. For more tyre safety information visit www.tyresafe.org.

TyreSafe supports the government’s ACT ON CO2 campaign which promotes Smarter Driving tips to help cut CO2 emissions from driving.

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