TyreSafe equips Britain’s half-a-million caravanners with unique tyre pressure calculator


TyreSafe, the UK’s not-for-profit tyre safety awareness organisation, has released an online tyre pressure calculator for caravan owners. As the weather improves and more than half-a-million caravan owners get ready to take to the road, the unique web form tool developed by TyreSafe’s team provides a valuable resource to ensure tyres are properly inflated for the journeys ahead. Simple to use, the TyreSafe Caravan Tyre Pressure Calculator requires just three pieces of information to be entered before generating a recommended pressure:

  • Maximum Technically Permitted Load Mass
  • Number of road wheels
  • Tyre size and load index

Readily available on the move, it can be accessed via tyresafe.org on mobile devices, allowing owners to refer to the results while they are adjusting pressures.

TyreSafe has also released an informative animation for caravan owners to guide them through the essential tyre safety checks and maintenance they need to carry out before making their first trip of the season. Ensuring wheel bolts are at the correct tension, every tyre has more than 1.6mm of tread with no lumps, bumps or cuts in them and, of course, that they are at the right pressure, is equally important for the caravan as it is for the vehicle towing them. The short animation can be found in the caravan tyre safety section at tyresafe.org and in the film and animation library.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, said: “A caravan’s tyres are a fundamental part of its suspension system and they also need to be able to deal with a range of issues relating to loading, making them a crucial element of the vehicle. It is essential to safety when towing a caravan that its tyres are roadworthy, at the correct pressure and have at least the minimum legal tread depth. TyreSafe’s new animation will guide owners through the necessary checks while the pressure calculator provides them with a dependable reference to find the correct inflation levels.”

“In combination, these two new resources from TyreSafe offer caravan owners across the country the opportunity to improve their safety on the roads and the safety of those around them.”

Behind the TyreSafe Caravan Tyre Pressure Calculator’s neat design lies a database of tyre sizes, types, load indexes and technical data to provide the most accurate pressure recommendation as possible. This information is based on inflation, load and speed rating tables which have been developed jointly by tyre and caravan manufacturers. However, a caravan owner’s first point of reference for tyre pressures should be the owner’s manual where it is available.


For more information on caravan tyre safety, visit tyresafe.orgtsi_caravan_tyre_safety_cropped

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