TyreSafe lends its support to launch of TyreAWARE campaign for Europe


TyreSafe has voiced its support for the launch by manufacturers’ associations across Europe of the TyreAWARE campaign. The project aims to raise awareness of best practices and procedures on tyre maintenance, storage and service life for dealers, authorities and consumers across mainland Europe. TyreSafe will, however, remain the lead organisation for tyre safety across the UK.

TyreAWARE has been developed in collaboration with the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA) and its members. The materials have been consolidated and translated into 14 European languages and are available to download for free on an interactive microsite.

The comprehensive materials include facts and advice on tyre storage, purchase, maintenance and service life. There is also a selection of videos explaining the correct time to replace tyres, the importance of monitoring correct inflation and when to fit winter tyres.

Visitors to the microsite can test their knowledge on how to best care for their tyres by taking part in the TyreAWARE quiz, which is currently available in English.

Fazilet Cinaralp, Secretary General of the ETRMA, said: “Tyres are a complex and highly technological product and are the only element that connects a vehicle to the road. By following the information and the recommendations provided in this campaign, tyres will be safer, last longer, consume less fuel, emit less CO2 and be quieter.”

Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, said: “TyreSafe welcomes the launch of ETRMA’s ‘TyreAWARE’ campaign across mainland Europe. The creation of this ambitious continent-wide campaign underlines the crucial role of tyre safety in reducing casualties on all European roads. While TyreSafe will continue as the lead for raising awareness of the dangers of defective and illegal tyres in the UK, we will be working to achieve the shared objectives of TyreAWARE.”

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