TyreSafe lends its support to the aims and ambitions of Project EDWARD


TyreSafe, the UK’s tyre safety charity, is pledging its support to the aims and ambitions of the European Day Without A Road Death. Known as EDWARD for short, the project encourages all road users to reflect on their behaviour and attitude in a bid to halt all road deaths, initially focusing on one day, Thursday 21st September.

Both TyreSafe and EDWARD’s organisers, TISPOL (the European Traffic Police Network), believe a change in road users’ behaviour lies at the heart of reducing incidents on the roads and casualties caused by them. That behaviour change starts before drivers and riders take to the road by ensuring their vehicle is roadworthy.

TyreSafe recommends drivers carry out regular tyre maintenance checks at least once a month and before long journeys to reduce the risk of being involved in an incident. However, motorists are asked to make a pledge to ensure their tyres are roadworthy on 21st September.

Tyre checks can be carried out by owners but if they do not feel confident, a tyre professional will inspect them on their behalf.

Air pressure: Check the vehicle’s recommended settings in the handbook or on the plaque inside the door shut or fuel filler cap. There are typically two settings; one for use when the vehicle is carrying a light load, the other when it is full. To check a tyre’s air pressure, use an accurate pressure gauge.
Condition: Tyres are in physical contact with the road. They can be damaged by driving over potholes or being kerbed when parking, for example, so drivers should check to see if there are any visible scuffs, lumps or cuts. If any of these are visible, then a tyre professional should be consulted.
Tread depth: Tread depth plays a crucial role in removing water from between the tyre and road to provide grip. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, which can be checked using a gauge or a 20-pence piece. Insert the coin into the main tread grooves at three points across the tyre’s width and at several points around the circumference. If the border of the 20-pence piece is visible, or you’re unsure, it may be illegal and need replacing.
Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, said: Roadworthy tyres are a fundamental part of road safety, no matter where you are in Europe. While there are differences in some regulations, the principle of drivers taking responsibility to ensure their tyres are in good condition before they start their journey is universal. TyreSafe supports EDWARD’s aims, and asks drivers to think how a change in their behaviour might help themselves and other road users reduce the risk of incidents.

To pledge support for EDWARD, visit projectedward.eu and for more information on tyre safety go to tyresafe.org

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