TyreSafe lends support to responsible tyre recycling


The tyre industry’s Responsible Recycler Scheme (RRS) has been further boosted through the support of TyreSafe, the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation. By supporting the scheme, TyreSafe hopes to help cut the number of illegal part-worn tyres entering the market and also encourage safer worker practices within tyre dealers, garages and workshops.

“The Responsible Recycler Scheme is of significant importance to the tyre industry and we are delighted to offer our support,” comments Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. “In addition to the detrimental impact to the environment and cost caused by illegal disposal, tyres that are not properly recycled pose a serious safety threat to motorists if they re-enter the market as illegal part-worn tyres.” Under the industry’s RRS, tyres are collected, handled and reprocessed by licensed operators in line with all UK and EU regulations. Members of the scheme are independently audited and full traceability means that tyres handled by RRS member companies can be tracked throughout the disposal chain. More than 45 million used tyres are processed each year through the scheme, making it the largest voluntary tyre recovery programme in Europe.

TyreSafe recently warned drivers about the dangers of part worn tyres following an investigation by Birmingham Trading Standards. The study found that nine out of ten part worn tyres being sold in the City, failed to meet minimum legal standards.

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