TyreSafe looks north to Durham Constabulary


The latest organisation to join the growing ‘ranks’ of TyreSafe supporters is Durham Constabulary.

Road safety officers from the north-east police force, already on the front line educating motorists about the importance of road safety, will now have additional support from the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said: “Face-to-face contact is vitally important in educating and informing drivers about the importance of looking after their tyres, so having Durham Constabulary as our latest supporter will prove invaluable.

“Its traffic officers see all too often the devastating consequences caused by defective or illegal tyres, so reaching those motorists before it’s too late will make a real difference to road safety in the area.”

As a TyreSafe supporter, Durham Constabulary will have early access to a wide range of campaign materials which it will utilise in its own community-based tyre safety awareness initiatives. Indeed, earlier in the year the force appeared on BBC TV’s Look North highlighting the added safety benefits of fitting winter weather tyres.

Traffic Inspector Jon Curtis from Durham Road Policing Unit stated, “I am delighted that Durham Constabulary has become a supporter of TyreSafe and we are looking forward to working together on future campaigns supporting the road safety messages both TyreSafe and our Force convey.

Policing the roads in County Durham and Darlington puts us in an ideal position to interact with the public and raise awareness of the importance of correct tyre maintenance. However, we are committed to making our roads safer, protecting our neighbourhoods and enhancing public confidence and will continue to use enforcement where car users habitually flout the law.”

TyreSafe’s other members include those from the tyre and car industry, from major manufacturers through to independent retailers. Other public sector organisations are also represented, including government agencies and emergency services.

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