TyreSafe pledges support for European road safety initiative


TyreSafe, Britain’s leading tyre safety organisation, has become the first tyre safety body in the UK to sign up to the European Road Safety Charter, a road safety initiative from the European Commission which has as its declared aim, to cut the number of people killed in vehicle accidents on EU roads by 50% by 2010.

Signing up to the European Charter further reinforces TyreSafe’s commitment to improving road safety, following the announcement earlier this year that it will continue to support the work of RoadSafe, the road safety partnership of leading companies in the motor and transport industries, which TyreSafe, formerly the Tyre Industry Council, has undertaken during the last few years.

Already this year, TyreSafe has warned motorists about the possible dangers of sidewall damage caused by pressure washing tyres and the safety issues surrounding the purchase of part worn tyres. In addition, the organisation has provided advice on where on a vehicle to fit new tyres, as well as the safety importance of correct tyre pressures.

As part of the Charter programme, TyreSafe has committed for an initial three-year period, to raise awareness of the dangers of driving with defective or badly worn tyres, with the aim of reducing the number of accidents. This is being achieved through a series of measures which include PR initiatives, media events, tyre safety demonstrations, and through the TyreSafe website (www.tyresafe.org).

TyreSafe joins the over 700 other signatories of the Charter, which include tyre manufacturers, and other organisations within the automotive industry.

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