TyreSafe welcomes Nankang as new member


With safety stated as being at the core of its product development, it should be no surprise that TyreSafe’s latest member is Taiwanese tyre manufacturer Nankang.

The latest addition to TyreSafe’s growing membership comes hotly on the heels of several other tyre retailers and manufacturers who have already joined this year, bringing the prospect of a year of record levels of participation and awareness about tyre safety issues.

As part of its membership, Nankang will support TyreSafe’s various campaigns throughout 2013 which include those targeting motorcyclists, young drivers, HGV operators as well as car drivers.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said: “TyreSafe has been incredibly successful in recent years in raising awareness about tyre safety issued but these results are only possible through the active support of our members.

“So our welcome and thanks go to our latest member, Nankang, who will play a key role, along with our other supporters, in promoting our tyre safety messages to their customers and other road users, helping to make the UK’s roads safer for all.”

Nankang has been manufacturing tyres in Taiwan for cars, motorcycles and light trucks for the last 50 years.

Meanwhile, since its inception in 2006, TyreSafe’s activities have helped reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured in the UK in a tyre related accident by 30 per cent.

TyreSafe’s members benefit from a wide range activities including early access to campaign materials along with a significant boost to their corporate social responsibility efforts.

Carol Cheng, spokesperson for Nankang commented, “Nankang Rubber Tire places tyre safety through research and development as a top priority. We are rightly proud of our products and now equally as proud to become the latest TyreSafe member.”

For more information about TyreSafe and tyre safety visit TyreSafe, while for Nankang, whose products are sold around the world including the UK, visit Nankang Tyre.

Membership of TyreSafe is open to any business or organisation related to the tyre industry or which has an interest in road safety. For membership details contact Christine Joyce on 0845 301 6852.

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