TyreSafe’s award-winning Tyre Safety Companion app relaunched


TyreSafe has relaunched its Tyre Safety Companion smartphone app to allow drivers to access essential safety information when they need it most, out on the roads.

The Tyre Safety Companion, which was named by leading motoring magazine Auto Express as one of the best motoring apps in 2015, offers Britain’s drivers a range of essential tyre safety guidance. Key advice includes details of how to undertake regular maintenance checks, what to do at the roadside in the event of a puncture or incident and the use of temporary spares.

The Tyre Safety Companion also includes the TyreSafe retailer locator, should professional services be required, and a news feed providing all the latest from the UK’s not-for-profit tyre safety organisation. The app also allows users to receive notifications through their device reminding them to check their tyres and other important announcements.

TyreSafe’s Tyre Safety Companion is available as a free download on both Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play stores.

“The Tyre Safety Companion is a valuable resource for Britain’s drivers offering advice and practical features to help avoid a tyre-related incident and guidance should they suffer a puncture,” comments Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. “TyreSafe is committed to raising awareness on the dangers of defective and illegal tyres and providing information to keep risks on the road to an absolute minimum. The Tyre Safety Companion app is the ideal way to provide that advice while motorists are out on the road.”

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