TyreSafe’s industry briefing resounding success


More than 170 delegates attended and actively participated in TyreSafe’s recent industry briefing, making it the biggest and most successful yet.

The event on 3rd May was open to anyone with an interest in tyre and road safety and attracted organisations including tyre retailers and manufacturers, car makers, insurers, fleet providers, emergency services and trading standards.

Key to the event’s success was that it did not shy away from tackling topical and relevant subject matters, particularly those of part worn tyres. The event also included the launch of TyreSafe’s tyre labelling educational material ahead of the 1st July introduction.

Attendees also heard a fascinating case study from Chandlers BMW and Sussex Police as to how they worked together in last year’s Tyre Safety Month. It showed that with minimal expenditure and some creative thinking that great results in terms of public interaction and media coverage can be achieved –improving road safety at a local level very effectively and cost efficiently.

“The signs were already positive before the event as places were booked out in record time. However, what really made it a success on the day was the active participation of delegates,” said Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe.

The event also gave a brief overview about TyreSafe’s work and its objectives for those first time attendees, as well as highlighting future campaigns, such as that of its young drivers and fleet initiatives due to launch later this year.

“TyreSafe is planning another briefing for late summer just ahead of our annual Tyre Safety Month. The details will be available on our website – www.tyresafe.org – when it’s all confirmed and judging by the phenomenal success of this event they are sure to be some of the hottest tickets around,” added Jackson.

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