TyreSafe’s ‘PACT’ campaign gets in gear


Tyre retailers and bike dealerships are being urged to take part in TyreSafe’s ‘PACT’ campaign and help bikers make the most of their trips out this spring while maximising their road safety.

TyreSafe’s PACT stands for – Performance, Air, Condition and Tread. In essence, if riders make a PACT with their bike and ensure they check their tyres for air pressure, overall condition and tread depth then they will be rewarded with better performance including improved handling, grip and fuel economy.

To help retailers grab the attention of bikers a range of posters and other downloadable promotional materials are available at www.tyresafe.org. With a bold ‘Make a PACT with your tyres’ theme, the materials are sure to draw the interest of anyone wanting to know how to get more from their bike.

The website also gives further details and advice about motorcycle tyre safety. Meanwhile campaign posters can be used to promote free tyre safety checks and a leaflet helps to inform riders about the importance of on-going tyre maintenance.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, explains: “The rewards for properly maintained tyres include improved grip, performance, reliability and a more satisfying and safer ride. What’s more tyres will last longer and fuel economy will be improved if they are correctly inflated.”

Spring is a particularly important time to raise the awareness of tyre maintenance because many motorcyclists will be embarking on their first ride of the year after leaving their bikes in storage over winter.

“We need the help of as many tyre retailers and bike dealers as possible to promote PACT and highlight the overall benefits of tyre maintenance including safety and improved performance. With a range of easily accessible free campaign materials available, there’s every reason to get involved. Retailers and dealerships can simply call 0845 3016852, or visit the TyreSafe website, to get the free point of sale materials,” adds Jackson.

TyreSafe advises riders to seek professional advice when checking their tyres but for those doing so themselves then it reiterates that particular attention should be paid to ensure that there are no cuts, cracks or bulges, and riders must ensure there is adequate tread depth to meet legal requirements. Motorcyclists should also ensure tyres are inflated to the correct pressures.

For further information about motorcycle tyre safety visit www.tyresafe.org.

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