Yokohama extends its commitment to tyre safety


Yokohama HPT Ltd. has extended its commitment to tyre safety by becoming a full member of tyre industry safety body TyreSafe. Yokohama were previously associate members of the group but will now take a more active role as full members, which includes a seat on the TyreSafe board.

“We are delighted that Yokohama has upgraded to full membership of TyreSafe and we look forward to their increased involvement,” comments Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. “Their decision shows that TyreSafe is making a genuine contribution to improving road safety and delivering fantastic value for its members. With its wealth of knowledge and sector expertise, I am confident that Yokohama’s involvement will help our campaigns become even more effective.”

Yokohama’s experience will be used to assist and support a wide range of campaigns from TyreSafe. While it is best known for its motorsport and high performance tyres, it also develops products for vans, 4x4s and produces a range of ‘green’ tyres. Its products have been chosen as original equipment by some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers such as Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen, who are all also members of TyreSafe.

David Seward, managing director of Yokohama HPT Ltd said of the announcement, “Tyresafe has quite rightly gained an enviable reputation, delivering the message of tyre safety to a wide audience and as a consequence, our roads are a safer place. Yokohama is therefore proud to have become a full member and we look forward to our increased participation.”

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