TyreSafe Awards

The free to enter TyreSafe Awards are open to any company, organisation or individual who has made a contribution to raising awareness about tyre safety issues. The 2016 awards ceremony was a tremendous success and extremely well attended by TyreSafe supporters across the board, as the eleven awards were presented at the Belfry Hotel and Resort.

TyreSafe Awards

Since its inception in 2006, TyreSafe activities and campaigns have made a significant contribution to improving road safety by helping to reduce tyre related casualties on the UK’s roads by 31%.

This fantastic achievement has only been possible with the support, assistance and participation from a wide range of organisations. The TyreSafe awards were held on the 14th July after the Briefing and recognised the achievements of all TyreSafe supporters, with those who consistently went the extra mile winning the coveted prizes.

Entries are drawn from tyre manufacturers and retailers, car manufacturers and dealerships, fleet operators, emergency services, local councils, and stakeholders who have made a contribution to raising tyre safety awareness.







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