What do all the codes on my tyre mean?

The diagram here outlines and identifies the different codes on the sidewall of your tyre.

Car Tyre Sidewall Markings Chart

1 Manufacturer’s name or Brand name
2 Model or Pattern Code
3 Tyre Size, Nominal Section width(mm), Height to width aspect ratio, Rim diameter code
4 Service description (Load Index + Speed Symbol)
5 ECE R30 Conformity Approval Number
6 EEC Noise Approval Number
7 USA Dept of Transport Manufacturer’s code
8 Date of Manufacture
9 USA UTQG Quality Grades **
10 USA Maximum Tyre Loading **
11 USA Maximum Tyre Inflation Pressure **
12 Denotes Tubeless Construction
13 Safety Warning
14 Direction of Rotation [Directional Tyres only]
15 Outer (Inner) sidewall [Asymmetric Tyres Only]
16 Extra Load: Denotes higher load capacity than standard tyre.
16a “Reinforced” is an alternative marking to “Extra Load”
17 TWI-Tread Wear Indicators- raised areas at the base of the tread grooves to serve as a visual warning of when the tyre is approaching or at the minimum legal limit.

Tyre Sidewall

** These markings are required by North American legislation and have no significance in the UK & Europe

Tyre Index Table

How can I read the load and speed markings on my tyre?

New or retreaded tyres are required by law to carry indications of the tyre’s load carrying and speed capabilities e.g. 205/55R16 91V.

These load and speed markings are moulded on the sidewall as a Load Index (e.g. ‘91’ in table 1) for load carrying capacity and a Speed Symbol (e.g. ‘V’ in table 2) for speed capability. It is strongly recommended to always fit tyres that have a speed capability and load index at least equal to those originally specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

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