How to check your tyres pressure

To stay safe on the road your car needs to have the correct tyre pressure. If the tyres are under or over inflated then handling and grip will worsen, potentially causing irregular or unpredictable car behaviour.

Over-inflation and Under-inflation

Tyres with insufficient air are also more likely to suffer from a sudden rapid deflation and will suffer premature wear on the outside edges of the tyre.The wheel rim and tyre will be more susceptible to impact damage. Over-inflation results in less comfortable ride, a reduced area of contact with the road giving less grip in the day and accelerated wear on the tread centre . The benefits of a properly inflated tyre, include reduced running costs and longer tyre life.

Where to find your pressures

The vehicle manufacturers’ handbook contains the correct pressures for your tyres, as well as it being available inside the fuel filler cap or driver’s door sill. Many tyre retailers will also be able to provide this information. Alternatively, car drivers can obtain the correct tyre pressure for their car by visiting the tyre pressure checker on TyreSafe’s website and entering their vehicle’s registration details.


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