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Becoming a supporter of TyreSafe is open to any business or organisation that is connected to the tyre industry or concerned with improving road safety.

TyreSafe’s ongoing campaigns and activities rely on the generosity of its supporters.

Formal support of TyreSafe is open to any business or organisation that is connected to the tyre industry or concerned with improving road safety. Supporters receive a wide range of benefits including enhancement of their own corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes, the opportunity to help steer the agenda of the organisation, co-ordination of campaigns with your own activities, and much, much more. Supporters pay a flat annual fee TyreSafe, determined by your level of support. To discuss the full benefits of becoming a supporter of TyreSafe or find out how you can help us save even more lives on the road, call us on 01787 226995, email

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Supporting TyreSafe

TyreSafe achieved charity status in 2016 following ten years of campaigning to raise awareness of the importance of regular tyre checks and the dangers associated with defective and illegal tyres as a not-for-profit, non-commercial organisation.  TyreSafe has over 130 supporters, and we appeal to you to help broaden the reach of the TyreSafe brand.

It campaigns in line with current legislation and duty of care regulations to improve behaviour and attitudes towards tyre care and maintenance. TyreSafe is currently supported by most major tyre manufacturers and retailers, a number of associated equipment suppliers and 17 vehicle manufacturer brands.

To deliver its campaigns more effectively and to engage with even more motorists, TyreSafe works closely with a number of organisations, associations and government departments such as Highways England, the Driving Standards Agency, police forces, fire services, local councils and road safety partnerships, RoadSafe, the British Horse Society, the AA and many other bodies.

Since its inception in 2006, TyreSafe’s activities have helped reduce the number of people killed or injured each year in a tyre related accident by 45%. TyreSafe has the support of over 100 organisations including the tyre and vehicle manufacturers and retailers, the NPCC, the NFCC, Highways England, road safety partnerships and Chelsea FC.

What benefits are there to being a TyreSafe supporter?

Aside from the physical materials and information that comes with official support of TyreSafe, a number of other benefits are delivered which can significantly enhance and impact on supporters’ initiatives.

These include:

  • Integration with and enhancement of supporters’ community programme
  • Delivery of an independent, unbiased and expert safety message to support your tyre sales efforts
  • Reinforcement and demonstration of supporters’ commitment to tyre and road safety
  • Provision of easily accessible tyre safety information for supporters’ staff, ensuring they have a consistent understanding and approach to the subject matter
  • Access to readily available safety campaigns which can be used throughout supporters’ various customer touch-points
  • Reduced costs in developing the supporters’ own tyre safety campaign messages and materials
  • PR exposure highlighting your official support of TyreSafe
  • Opportunity to work alongside some of the industry’s most experienced and influential organisations
Tyre Labels
TyreSafe Supporter Locator

As a supporter, what will I receive?

  • A supporter’s certificate for all touch points, which demonstrates supporters’ commitment to the safety of its customers and staff
  • Permission rights to use the TyreSafe logo on all of your company stationery, literature and electronic communications
  • A 100-word supporter’s profile on the TyreSafe website
  • A link from the TyreSafe website to the supporters’ website
  • Copies of all TyreSafe press releases, keeping you informed of current campaigns
  • Access to TyreSafe campaign materials, animations and videos for dual branding purposes or integration into your own corporate identity guidelines
  • Participation in nationally organised awareness campaigns
  • Advertising and press release templates for customisation
  • Online banner ads with generic and campaign-based tyre safety messages
  • Listing on TyreSafe’s dealer locator on the website where appropriate

How can I help support and share the tyre safety message?

There are many ways to support the tyre safety message:

  • Follow or Like TyreSafe’s Twitter and Facebook channels
  • Link to both and Include ‘Proud to Support’ logo in the relevant section/homepage of your website
  • Include a quote from TyreSafe in safety related press releases (approval from TyreSafe required)
  • Whenever communicating on safety issues, include a mention of TyreSafe and/or utilise the ‘Proud to Support’ logo
  • Include @tyresafe in Twitter communications on road safety
  • Include mentions of TyreSafe in Facebook posts
  • Distribute a release to confirm support for Tyre Safety Month in October
  • Distribute leaflets and materials (dual-branding available)
TyreSafe Social Media
TyreSafe Supporters

Can supporters use the TyreSafe brand?

Yes, by working as a team, if all our supporters can include the ‘Proud to Support TyreSafe’ logo in relevant marketing material, we will bring our message to a wider audience than ever before. The TyreSafe logo can be used when you are communicating a safety message in any media: websites, social media, press ads, press releases, posters and leaflets to name just a few. Using our logo will help keep the tyre safety message front-ofmind with motorists and increase the impact of our campaign. It will also reinforce your own company’s social responsibility and commitment to tyre safety. The TyreSafe supporters logo is available in both landscape and portrait formats and can be used with or without the strapline ‘Safe Tyres Save Lives’.

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