Maxxis Tyres is a Taiwanese tyre manufacturer which supplies bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, car, truck, bus and many more tyres to 180 countries around the world.

Founded in 1967, Maxxis began as a manufacturer of bicycle tyres in Taiwan, and has grown to become one of the largest and most respected tyre manufacturers in the world.

Well-known for its range of market-leading off-road mountain bike tyres, Maxxis invests heavily in R&D every year across all product categories, resulting in impressive product quality across the entire range of powered and non-powered vehicle tyres.

Maxxis has ten main production sites in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and India, with R&D Centres in the Netherlands, USA, Kunshan, Rayong and Taiwan. Maxxis also has its own Proving Ground near Shanghai, China, which features a high-speed circuit, noise tracks, dynamic platform, dry handling track, wet handling track, durability roads and more. This enables Maxxis to thoroughly test and develop its products to ensure the highest quality patterns and developments are fine-tuned and ready for the various markets Maxxis serves.

The result? Maxxis Tyres operate at the pinnacle of performance and safety. Maxxis focus on providing steady and reliable wear for long-lasting tyres, keeping drivers on the road safer for longer. Maxxis tyres also feature intelligently designed compounds for short braking distances in both the wet and the dry. Maxxis have recently invested in a new all-season tyre, to improve stopping distances and grip for drivers in Europe all year round for maximum safety.

Based on independent tyre tests conducted in 2019 and 2020, many of the key products in the Maxxis range of car tyres are incredibly safe, based on competitively short wet and dry braking distances and, notably, impressive resistance to aquaplaning. As aquaplaning can be highly dangerous and unpredictable, Maxxis’ tyres ability to expel water maintains their contact with the road, improving driver safety.

In the UK, Maxxis Tyres offer a Lifetime Guarantee on their car tyres. If a driver purchases Maxxis tyres and finds them to have a manufacture fault, Maxxis will replace their tyres free of charge, to ensure Maxxis customers have peace of mind when it comes to their tyre safety.

Tyre safety for Maxxis means more than just keeping its customers safe in the traditional sense. In addition to the driver safety strategies in place, Maxxis also runs a ‘Maxxis Green Tyre’ protocol, which incorporates modern technology into the full tyre range to provide improved fuel consumption and tyre durability, lengthening the tyre replacement cycle and costing drivers less fuel along the way. The reduced production requirements resulting from this longevity have a positive impact on the environment, making the air cleaner to breathe and preserving the fossil fuels we use for fuel. This takes tyres and their safety to a whole new level.

Maxxis work closely with vehicle manufacturers and other professionals to ensure their tyres work in the best possible way with latest safety technology, providing maximum grip when drivers need it the most. This collaborative approach will continue into the future as both vehicle and tyre technologies become more advanced to offer the safest possible transportation experience for anyone, anywhere.